the first time na jinak2 dgn blog nie . harap semua boleh support kyh =)

hai . umm. nie lah first time na buka accnt bru blog =) saje na jinak2 dgn blog nie . tgk mmber2 main , cm best je =)haha . tapy nnty jarang la na uploud . sbb ta lame lg na spm en? so , kene focus kat studys dlu .. haha . btw , im still learning bout this pages . and i hope that i will get into this , when i ready soon =) i hope i can tell that i hppy to live this life =) and  i have such great of fmily and boyfie, ezal (for short) . and i only have a little brother (walaupun dye tuw nakal sngat2) haha .  till this i can write . cause im in rush .hehe . btw , i love blogger but im still busy with my study ! =) love u all >,< . muuaachx ..

by: nurmeymey

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